Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The wanderer

The brain is such a complex matter of tissues. Analyses so many things at the same time. Simple to think but difficult to believe. A set of sophisticated cells and some nerve connections adds up to form all that happens in the brain. Why is it so difficult to hold to one thought?

The mind keeps wandering off every now and then. Its like you just start to think about something and another thing just pops up throwing the thoughts completely offtrack. Then its difficult to come to the one you had started thinking about.

Streamlining the thoughts and ways to control the mind is the necessity. Ha the grey matter and the white matter. Makes life simple yet so difficult. Conquering the thoughts is a great achievement I feel. Still working towards it, lets see when I will be able to achieve it.


Odette said...

oh i always love letting my mind wander. it's amazing what our mind can think. i love day dreaming. even sitting in a car and looking through the window allows me that.

Lirish said...

dreamers are winners i believe..