Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am back

Yeah the famous Arnold words..quite suitable I feel they are for the current situation of mine..back after a long long time..had been busy with work these days..may be I am a bit more organised now..lets see, will try to retain this organised me..have been thinking of posting on the blog for quite some time now, but have not been able to do so..

Talking about being organised how many of us are well organised? how many of us plan things well ahead they happen? Well I do. I like things to be clear and plans to be perfect. I somehow feel disoriented if my plan is not clear. I keep feeling that something is missing. Same while travelling also. If it is a new road I am planning to take, then I just draw the plans in my mind about the roads that I would be taking while going. So many times it has happened that I would have seen a shortcut but I ignore it because I had not planned for it. I dont know whether that is good or bad. May be I dont like sudden changes. Same thing with chances. I dont like taking too many chances, or uncalculated risks. A calculated risk is always better than uncalculated ones I feel. Blame it on my upbringing or on my star sign. Being a virgo I feel I have most of the qualities of the sign. A critic, I am. Somehow I tend to analyse every thing I see or read, looking for perfection. Sounds like a serious me. Nah! not much, I try to take things on the lighter side. Laughter is good for health and I am a big believer of that concept. So I hope there is a smile on those lips as you finish reading. Keep smiling!


Odette said...

its about time!!! you should not have neglected this site as this is your outlet. writing down your thoughts, your fears, your aspirations and dreams can be therapeutic. your opinion is your own, even when it runs contrary to others. so what, you arent imposing your opinion on anyone but rather your just writing your take on the matter.
so i hope i will get to read of your ideas here, ok?
keep it up!

Lirish said...

hey thanks dear..will surely continue.. :)