Friday, January 15, 2010

Solar Eclipse and beliefs

The millennium's longest solar eclipse is here and scientists all over the world are running around to watch this amazing natural phenomenon..

Adding to it are the beliefs..a lots of them..mostly a list of 'dont's' ..don't have food, don't go out..don't even drink water during the eclipse..and so on..and the effects they say are worst to some people born at certain timings during which some of the specific stars were can look into Indian astrology to have an idea about the stars and planets that rule our to let go of them as blind or superstitious beliefs is left to the such belief is to put a blade of dried grass known as 'darbe' (in Kannada) to the food or water that you mom made carry some in my pocket today..

Nevertheless, i often keep thinking about the fact that most of us turn to gods and superstitious beliefs especially when a majority of things are going wrong..when everything is right we think its our ability to do things right and when something goes wrong we blame it on fate..

I think we should follow alike..either believe in such things at all times..good or bad..or do not believe at all..ultimately its left to one's belief's.

By the way if you are interested in watching the solar eclipse..go through this website..the author explains the easiest and safest way of watching a solar eclipse..

I am yet to watch one though..blame it on my work schedules or my laziness.. lol


Odette said...

i heard in the news it will be visible here at around 3pm and right now i am waiting for the atmosphere to dim. and i am still waiting...
how are you Lirish? hope you are doing well.

Lirish said...

at a glimpse though..u can watch if there are some clouds hovering over the sun..i am doing fine Odette..miss you on yahoo chats.. :)