Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Being Busy

Hmm..what do i write? Its been a long time since I left my thoughts to wander about...Its so nice to be busy..I feel one should always be time to think of other time to think if life was this way or that way..just be busy with work..Am I being a escapist? or am I accepting everything as it comes??Not trying anything to get things moving in my way??Or is it luck that has run out??why do somethings happen the way you like while some happen exactly the other way??questions and questions only...they just rummage the brain the moment you are free!!what if it had happened this way or what if they hadnt behaved that way...ooph, the ifs and buts!!!they just dont leave you alone..keep coming when u drive, lie down, sit back..sometimes the world around is so beautiful but the next moment its the other way round..

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