Saturday, June 23, 2007

Root canal therapy..Painful??Read below..

Hi ....One gets a lot of experiences and gets exposed to different kinds of people and situations at many incidents would have happened that would have made u laugh,cry,put on ur thinking cap,wonder is this the real world on..
I used to enjoy reading "Humour at work place", a regular column in the Reader's Digest book..i just remembered an incident that happened when i was working at a clinic...root canal is a treatment dreaded by most of the takes a lot of time and patience to make people understand that if done in a proper way it is not painful at all!!ok i got this one patient who came to me with pain in the tooth and i decided that it neeeded a root canal..i explained him the treatment and started the issues on the first day..and the next day when i was doing the treatment...for my astonishment he seemed to be enjoying it!!!i asked him whether he had any pain ..for that he answered.."sir keep doing it...its kind of a 'nice' feeling when the file is moving in and out of the tooth!!!!"....oh my god..that was the first time i ever heard a patient saying he is feeling 'somewhat' nice while doing root conal..i wonder whether he was getting an erotic pleasure out of that!!!

People and their erotic pleasures!!!enjoy!!
by the way have u wondered about ur erotic pleasures???;)

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